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Kathy seen on Animal Planet's 

I’m Kathy and I can help you set up your business so that it runs itself and is positioned to sell with a broker once you are ready to move on.  After owning a dog walking/pet sitting business for 8 years and growing it from $0 to $390K in annual revenue, I learned how to achieve success and only working a few hours a week.  I can guide you through the set up process, hiring, marketing, accounting and operations of the business to have it running like a real corporation.   Much of how I ran my business was on the internet so that I could be anywhere and be able to login and check on how the business was doing.  I want to share with you this knowledge to help you achieve the same goal.  Here is a video about my previous dog walking business. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFG9tc2vJGs

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